How on earth could an author afford to drop a vowel?

Seeing the book title and cover, you may be forgiven to think that I'm reviewing this novel today for its potential sauciness.

But you're wrong.

Below is a short review of why am I amused by this book

Unhooking a DD-cup Bra without Fumbling

by Adam Adams

Amazingly, this intriguing 60,000-word novel, set in Southeast Asia, contains no E's! Lipograms are works that avoid a certain letter of the alphabet and in this novel the author has used no words that contain the letter E. Featuring many mind-bending word puzzles, this is a fascinating and very original read.

I haven't taken a flip thru any of its pages, but planning to do so in the near future.

In the meantime, I'm still wondering how Adam Adams could manage to skip the letter E's all the way from the beginning till the end.

It truly is a marvel, because the letter E apparently exists in all the basic English words such as:

We, She, He, Me, See, Let, Get

Adams must have gone thru pains in substituting all the E-words with another without sacrificing the clarity of his story. And think about it: as all the regular verbs in English end with -ed, there is a large possibility that he uses Present Tense for this work.

However creative it may be, I think I could safely assume that it would lose its magic touch if this English novel is translated into another language.

But I'm still bloody curious though. And I'm planning to devour the book sometime soon.

Andy  – (24 August 2008 at 09:29)  

it is a stunning book - and it is funny too

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