Silly Friendster ban

(FYI, I'm not naming my school here as not to taint my own school's reputation, but feel free to trawl my archives for its name if you're curious enough)

Back in my Singapore days, my school library had a ludicrous rule that always made most of us students feel deeply annoyed.

The rule is to deny the students any access to our Friendster accounts.

During my first months at the school, we the new students were deeply bothered with such a rule. I mean, what is the logic behind such a ban anyway? Why are they putting Friendster on the same par as pornographic websites?

If we look far enough, we could see that the logic behind the Friendster ban is actually quite simple:

The school management knows that posting one's own personal pictures on Friendster increases the risk of getting stalked by bad guys, hence it would be better off to ward the students from the website at all costs.


Apparently all those people who ban websites, such as the retarded anti-Youtube government we read in the media a little while ago together with my anti-Friendster school have never learned a thing.

If you people want to ban any websites, don't forget to ban the proxies too, for God sakes!


It's just sickening to see the way they could group some websites into certain stereotypes, which in turn puts themselves into objects of ridicule.

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