Hunting ban

In this technology-savvy world where we humans have almost all the access to any kind of items we dare think of, I still wonder why haven't the world governments banned hunting.

In contrary to the ancient human beings who hunted the wild animals for their daily necessities, with the skins being used as clothes during winters and meats eaten as food, hunters nowadays hunt just for fun!

And think about it, the terms "poaching" and "hunting" are not that very much different anyway. Well, some hunters may argue that since the birds or bears or lions that they hunt are killed with a single fatal shot, it constitutes a humane treatment that should be legalised.

Humane treatment my arse.

The animals hunted are still living beings, for God sakes!

When they killed the elephants to obtain their tusks, have they ever thought that elephants are going to be extinct in the next 80 years or so? When they killed the pandas in Chinese forests, do they know that panda is now an endangered species?

Those hunters who hunted animals just to add new "furniture collection" in their living room should realise that those bears and lions and whatever kind of species they hunt also have their own cubs to take care of.

For you hunters out there, just imagine if your own beloved ones are killed with the so-called "humane single fatal shot". Are you still intent on hunting animals as a hobby?

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