You're not adopted? Are you sure?

Last week Mom told me that Aunt Melissa (my Mom’s far cousin, not her real name) was actually adopted.

The astonishing thing is that Aunt Melissa knows nothing about her adoption even till this day, as she was taken in to the family since she was a toddler.

Indeed, Aunt Mel had suspected several times of her being adopted due to the differences in skin colour and blood type from her parents. But both her parents are so apt in making fabrications like,

“Oh you know Mel, our blood type is different from yours because you’ve inherited your blood type A from your Grandpa, who is also an A-type!”

that they could always avoid telling the truth.

Wow, I said. I was astonished to find that out, let alone the fact that Aunt Mel has known nothing about her adoption during her lifetime.


I honestly wonder why her parents have feared telling her the truth all this time.

The likeliest possibility is of course, they fear that Aunt Mel wouldn’t feel as much loved as before.

But still, hiding the truth from the person concerned –especially when almost everybody else knows about the truth itself— would be quite much like “playing games” on her/him.

So…. Do any of you out there think that you don’t very much look like your parents? Check your DNA, you might have been adopted.

Because cases like Aunt Mel's do exist.

As for me, I had no worries because I do look like my Mom and I have the same blood type with my Dad.

But even if I were adopted myself, I would no doubt still love my parents and accept their love in retrospect, without giving a bloody hell whether I was adopted or not.

Let me digress.

Starting from today onwards, I'll put up funny pics I find elsewhere on the net on the bottom of my entries. Hope they spice up your enjoyment in reading my blog!

What you get for not using the right printer

Feeling lost? Then read this sign

Oh, holy McDonald...

This is how the Playboy magazine looks like in Mars.
Thank God there is no Federal Porn of Investigation in other planets!

This is how the Singaporean fugitive Mas Selamat Kastari managed to escape

fonts, anyone?

Early prototype of Nokia N99, created 99 BC

rimafauzi  – (9 June 2008 at 04:21)  

lol.. funny stuff...

as for the adoption thing.. my uncle (mom's youngest brother) was also adopted. he didn't find out until he was like 35. I knew sooner than him. it was very hard for him when he found out at first, but after a while, things became normal again.

i guess the intention is right not telling someone he or she is adopted. but the result would be devastating and traumatic.
i look just like my mom, so i know im not adopted. lol

Toshi  – (10 June 2008 at 08:54)  

me too :)

most of us know it sooner than that adopted person him/herself, which is why I find it sad if I were in his/her shoes to actually know that they've been hiding the truth.

the parent's intention may be correct, but it doesn't give a reason why they should hide it forever (or till his/her adulthood)

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