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Some of you my loyal readers may be wondering why are there two categories of Blog listing on the right-hand side of this page, the one called pals n’acquaintances and another called blogroll.

Well, the blogs listed on my blogroll are basically those that I like because of their quality of writings alone, though I may not be personally acquainted with the blog’s owner.

On the other hand, you should be glad if your blog is listed under the pals n’acquaintances list, because that means you’re in some way special to me! And mind you, not everyone on that pals n’acquaintances list I have met in person.

If you want to know me better, you could add me on my Facebook which is available above my shoutbox from today onwards.

Now everyone who has met me in person knows what an introverted person I originally am, so the only chances you’ll ever discover about my secrets are thru my writings alone. Here are a couple of them for starters…

Eating banana

I could never eat banana without peanut butter spread. It’s a habit carried since my childhood, and this is a feature presumably inherited from my Dad.

Forget names easily

It’s an annoying kind of “memory loss” thingy that I’ve had since little: I forget people’s names easily, especially those whom I haven’t met/interacted with for more than two years. I would either remember the name only, or the person’s face only, but I rarely remember both.

It’s a blessing that the internet has finally provided us all with social-networking sites like Friendster and Facebook, that I could have a list of names of my buddies and their corresponding pictures.

Reading than lecture

If I want to study a topic better, I always opt for reading the materials myself than listening to lecture, no matter how interesting the subject may be. Listening to lectures bore me very much, which is how I got my reputation as the “Classroom sleeper”, because either the classroom or bedroom made no difference to me: Both of them provide a cozy atmosphere for me to sleep!


It’s no longer a secret that I’m an avid swimmer. However, I could never swim without goggles. So in such unfortunate cases when my goggle lace snaps, I always prefer to stop swimming until I buy a new one. The thought of having the water pressuring on my eyelids bother me very much.

Reading while lying down on the couch

I always concentrate better if I read books/magazines while lying down on the couch (instead of sitting on the chair). Another bad habit of mine which scientists claim could make us wear glasses, but I’ve proven them wrong. Because I haven’t the need for any yet!

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