When the leopard lets go off his prey…

Lately I feel like a leopard.

A leopard who has waited in silence, camouflaged amongst the reeds, in order to prepare myself to run after the best-looking deer I’ve seen that day.

Yet from the other side of the savannah, I see a shaggy-looking hyena cub also making his way towards my prey.

My stomach growled with all this funny feeling inside… An inexperienced weakling like that hyena cub wants to compete with me in chasing the deer?

I could easily wreck that cub with my paws and still be able to chase the deer if I wanted to, but I didn’t. Instead, I let go of my prey… the prey I’ve been longing for, simply because I want to give that little cub a chance of his lifetime.

The deer herself has realized the presence of that all-revealing little hyena, but she seems does not care the least bit about being hunted by a cub.

It doesn’t matter; I could always hunt for more fleshy deers in other savannahs anyway!

Moral of the story: The joy of remaining a single (termed Jomblo in Indonesian) is that you could always look for other choices elsewhere!

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