What does heaven look like?

A little while ago I asked a fellow Christian friend (whose Dad is a Pastor) about what heaven really looks like. You know, I’m never very knowledgeable about the bible myself, hence I asked her that question.

She answered that it should be very clear to us Christians that in heaven, all human souls will join the chorus of angels in singing praises to the Lord.

Uhm… OK.

That may sound favourable to some Christians, but I beg to differ because singing in a chorus everyday would be quite boring a vision to me.

The concept of meeting anybody else I know in heaven –my family and my friends— is still quite vague to me, because not everybody could make it to heaven anyway! Haha, just kidding.

In my opinion, heaven should look 1000 times better than the best place on earth we want to be…

So in my mind, I pictured heaven to be a tropical beach with a seaside cottage where the sand is white and the sea water is translucent blue. There, I would enjoy myself swimming every day and the weather's eternally sunny. Just outside my seaside cottage there is a an elegant black grand piano that I could play to the melodies of an accompanying orchestra by the angels… Phew, what a vision!

That’s just a fragment of my liberal-infused imagination though –just ignore it— it has nothing to do with religious doctrines whatsoever.

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Therry  – (5 June 2008 at 03:23)  

Heaven and hell aren't that far away ... sometimes you can feel them right here on earth.

For me, heaven is when you feel loved by the people who matter to you, and the ability to enjoy the simple things in life that most people take granted of.

Hell is when you feel that there's no one in this world who understands who you are and what you feel and that you're truly alone, even if you're surrounded by many people who call themselves friends.

Changing the topic now; looking at the demonstration photos, I'm seriously thinking of opening a digital printing business - what's with all those huge banners that these people are printing, I'm gonna earn big bucks in no time! Mwahaha.

Nice blog, T :)

rimafauzi  – (5 June 2008 at 13:47)  

I think heaven and hell in the after life do not exist. When we die our souls just dissolves in thin air where is travels to God. We will not have bodies, not experience hunger or thirst or any other humanly feelings. All we will be feeling is peace, eternal peace.

That's just me though..

Therry  – (6 June 2008 at 05:19)  


Yep. That sounds more like it. But what about angel wings and stuff? I've always wanted one of those...

Toshi  – (6 June 2008 at 08:36)  

hehe kayaknya agak culun deh kalo pake sayap... tp ya enak aja gitu bayanginnya kalo ada kegiatan di surga kan, rima? soalnya kalo ngga ada mah, bete banget (biarpun dalam ketenangan abadi sekalipun).

therry ada benernya juga tuh, surga dan neraka emang ada di bumi, sama halnya dengan manusia ada yg bersifat malaikat, ada jg yg bersifat binatang kayak anggota preman Indonesia yg mirip Ku Klux Klan itu loh (tau sndiri kan maksud saya apa? hehehe)

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