Was holocaust exaggerated?

A lot of people I know personally –I'm not going to mention any particular clique here lest it would be deemed an affront— seem to have a penchant to belittle the historical value of the Nazi Holocaust which was alleged to have decimated as many as 6 million people consisting largely of Jews, Poles, Serbs, homosexuals, Catholic priests, and gypsies.

There are several opinions that people think of the Nazi Holocaust:

Theory #1: Holocaust never happened. Those who believe in this theory believe that the Holocaust was fabricated by certain group of people as to gain sympathy towards their causes.

Theory #2: Holocaust did happen, but not to the extent that it reached the number 6 million. Those who believe in this theory believe that the number was exaggerated by certain group of people as to gain more sympathy towards their causes.

Theory #3: Holocaust did happen, and the total death had really reached the number 6 million. This is the theory accepted by most historians and plebeians around the globe.

Well I'm not going to argue whether one theory is right and the others are wrong. In fact, I don't really give a damn as to what you believe in; if you believe that Theory #1 above is correct, you may as well dismiss the World War 2 as something that didn't really happen and I still have no shit with that.

But if you believe that Theory #2 is the most accurate one, then shame on you.

I'd rather have you believe in Theory #1 instead, because that would be akin to answering an affirmative "NO" to a Yes-No question instead of a bloody fickle-minded "MAYBE" (which is why I like atheists better than I like agnostics, because at least they have some sort of certainty in mind when questioned about what to believe in).

For Theory#2 believers, I would like to invite you lots to rethink your stance. No, you don't have to change your opinion. I'm just asking you to RETHINK about what you believe in.

Here are my questions for you lots (they are rhetorical, but you may answer them in the Riposte section of this blog entry if you find the questions below bothering your conscience):

What do you really want with those victimised groups, honestly? You believe that the Holocaust did happen; and for starters, that's good!

But you don't believe that the number of deaths reached 6 million, why is it so?

So what number do you believe in? How many people do you think the Hitler regime had killed?

1 million?

100 thousand?

10 thousand?

So do you think that if the Holocaust only killed 10 thousand people, then it would be less evil than if the Holocaust killed 6 million people?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not coming up in the defence of the victimised groups here. Definitely not.

Rather, I'm simply pleading everyone out there to use your heart when you speak of many people's deaths, and I direct this message especially to Theory #2 believers.

Because whether the number of people killed in Holocaust was 6 million or 100 million or a much smaller figure of 10 thousand, Holocaust is still an evil thing and we all know it.

Well, unless you are a Neo-Nazi, then of course it's OK for you to say that the Holocaust is not evil.

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