What does “half-naked” mean, actually?

When a person says that someone is “half-naked”, what does he/she mean?

What is “half-naked” actually?

How do you define it?

Is it the state of being partially disrobed? Is it the state of being unclothed from the waist up?

You know, since being naked would mean that someone is bare, nude, without any concealing garments whatsoever, and since half means 50%, then being half-naked should be logically defined as 50% of all the defining features that people would say as “being naked”

And as you can see, a normal guy walking down a pavement Kuta, Bali wearing a T-shirt and beige shorts could be defined as half-naked if we follow that definition, since his limbs and neck weren’t covered at all. And he doesn’t even have to be bare-chested.

It’s indeed funny how phrases like that could be twisted from its most literal meaning, eh? And “half-naked” has never seemed to be carrying any figurative connotation in the first place.


Please forgive the above language philosophical question. I guess this is just a part of my semi-autistic tendencies to ponder the hidden meanings behind seemingly meaningless hokums.

I expect myself to be pondering over similar nonsensicalities over the next couple of days (or perhaps weeks!) though. It’s hard not to be philosophic these days, especially with certain inner struggles I’m having at the moment in regards to my niche.

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