Virginity for guys... Is it important?

It is important.

I couldn't help wondering why is the world society still so male-chauvinistic these days, with all the indifference towards the fact whether a guy is still virgin or not before he gets married.

I've always been a liberal in my political stance, but I prefer to be conservative on this issue:

Virginity is important for guys at my age (of 18) and for as long as he's still unmarried. Premarital sex sucks!

And I don't support abortion. Abortion equals murder.

yuki tobing  – (20 April 2008 at 17:02)  

Yap, I agree with you, since I'm conservative both on political and social issue, I'm also against premarital sex. Don't people think that to have it after married (in correct time) will be "fun"ner?

Toshihiko Atsuyama  – (20 April 2008 at 20:01)  

Are u sure u're a conservative? Be careful, bcoz that could mean that u support G.W. Bush... Hehe.

I'm conservative only on this "virginity" issue. Other than that, I'm liberal.

And it's correct, to have it after married would be a loads more fun :)

yonna –   – (24 April 2008 at 23:19)  

mengutip dikit dari Spiderman:

"dibalik kenikmatan yang besar terdapat tanggung jawab yang besar"

kayanya jijay ya, tapi sebagai orang yang udah nikah, yes i admit it's a joy doing it, tapi gak cuma untuk kesenangan tapi juga beribadah (dalam Islam hubungan seks antara suami dan istri termasuk ibadah) dan usaha mendapatkan anak.

setidaknya, daripada dilakukan sblm nikah, pasti akan timbul problem di kemudian hari, minimal deg-degan "hamil, gak ya?" (kondom, pil anti hamil, dll gak menjamin gak hamil loch)

dan dengan menjaga keperawanan sampai menikah kita udah menunjukkan kasih sayang dan tanggung jawab kepada anak kita "well kid, you were made after we're engaged as husband and wife" bukan sekedar anak hasil perbuatan terlarang, hehe.

trus ma suami/istri kita, artinya "for yours only". seks itu indah jika dilakukan sesuai yang sebenarnya :)

Toshihiko Atsuyama  – (25 April 2008 at 00:45)  

"dibalik kenikmatan yang besar terdapat tanggung jawab yang besar"

Kayaknya salah quote tuh.. Soalnya perasaan sih setau gw, quotenya "power" dan bukan "enjoyment" deh, hehehe...

Tp bener banget tuh mba. dalam Katolik ama Islam hukumnya haram banget tu, buat ngelakuin seks sebelum nikah.

Sure is a beautiful thing to find common stuff across religions :)

Rob Baiton  – (27 April 2008 at 21:01)  

The issue does not really have anything to do with being conservative or liberal!

It has to do with personal life choices which are often colored by external factors.

These factors might be our parents, might be our peer groups, or perhaps even religion!

Pre-marital sexs sucks! Perhaps we can revisit this issue once your married and then redate whether pre-marital sex sucks :)

Two different issues here -- pre-marital sex and abortion. Abortions can be a factor at any time and not just a result of pre-marital sex.

Is abortion murder? Once again this is a what you believe and a what your beliefs are question and also colored by the same things that I noted earlier!

I do not think the government has a right to regulate what and how a woman deals with her body! She must always be free to choose. I believe that counselling services must be improved and broadened in order to ensure that all options are canvassed and informed decisions are made!

Is abortion murder will require you as an individual to decide when a foetus is viable and when it is a life and what rights that foetus has before it is born into this world and is sustainable as a the conviction of your statement I would assume you have made this decision...Although I respectfully must disagree!

Toshihiko Atsuyama  – (27 April 2008 at 21:20)  


u're right in a certain way. I'm ruled by my religion, since I'm a Catholic anyway. but as yuki tobing (the 1st commenter of this post) said, such a view (being liberal or conservative) does not necessarily have to be in the political issue. Because I'm focussing on the social issue here.

but it's a curious thing actually, because those "external factors", which are often treated as small differences in the West, actually are the stuff that matters most to Eastern societies like Indonesia.

You've seen for yourself, how a 15-minute movie provoked so much controversies in Indonesia, in comparison to the Da Vinci Code movie that provoked much less controversies in the Catholic-dominant Italy.

I could understand the logic you explain in that abortion stuff. However, you also mentioned this about premarital sex:

"Perhaps we can revisit this issue once your married and then redate whether pre-marital sex sucks :)"

Why is it so? Why do you think that being married could reverse my views of premarital sex?

thank u for your respectful views, and i'd be glad to hear a reply from u soon :)

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