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Last week, my dear friend KZ asked me to help her in making a narrative essay that consisted of a couple paragraphs in English for her assignment submission at school. Being the helpful friend as I always am, I agreed to help her but I told her to wait some time as I hadn’t read anything English during my vacation to Sangihe and Manado.

On the next day, I was finally able to compose the essay after reading The Jakarta Post and watching CNN.

Well, narrative essay is a bit advanced topic for me to teach her, hence I gave her the paragraphs I composed myself. I don’t exactly call it plagiarism, since it’s fully with my own consent.

How kind I am, eh..? Haha.

It took no trouble for me to write it, since it’s largely autobiographical anyway (deriving from my own experience during my vacation somewhere in the northern part of Indonesia)


Below is the entire essay:

Who’s that girl on the frame, Harry asked Mr Pierre. Little did he know that he would be more than welcome in that house, she would be introduced to the love of his life!

In the afternoon, Mr Pierre introduced Harry to his own daughter, Anastasia. Despite the fact that their introduction went quite awkward, everyone was certain that there was some kind of chemistry going on between the two.

Tasia was a very shy 13-year-old-girl who has spent most of her life on that village, while Harry was an average 18-year-old guy who had spent considerable time abroad in Singapore and America.

Having been raised in the village for most of her life partially explains Tasia’s introverted nature. She was a very shy girl who could barely engage him in anything at first. However, there is one thing that Harry did not find out till later onwards: she holds deep admiration for him, and this is the kind of feeling that Harry has towards her in retrospect.

I couldn’t possibly fall for her, Harry told himself. Their lives were very different, and having a relationship couldn’t be for the best of both of them.

However, as time went by, he soon found out that he could not resist the temptation to ask her out. Then on the next few days, things went on that way, they strolled alongside the beach, enjoying the sunset together, and he taught her on several things she could not have obtained there, such as French or computer lessons.

When the time came for them to say goodbye, they couldn’t look each other in the eyes. He promised himself that he won’t cry, but he couldn’t.

“I’ll be back you know, I promise”, he told her.

“How long will you be gone? How long must I wait for you?” she holds back her tears on her swelling eyes.

“About that… Maybe two, or even three years. I can’t give you any definite time. But would you wait for me till I’m ready?”

“I… can’t promise you anything,” she started sobbing.

“Neither can I. But one thing for sure, I just want you to know that I’ll always leave this heart empty for you to fill in… Till we meet again”, he said softly to her.

As they parted, Harry knew that he couldn’t hold back his tears any longer. After trying to look tough in front of her, he then cried for as long as he could remember, because he himself wasn’t sure how long would he be gone.

The excerpt above was indeed too long for her submission, and packing them altogether into two paragraphs into would turn it into an awkward read.

Hence I made another essay for her English assignment, but unfortunately, having loved writing as I always am, I couldn’t stop penning down the story (especially if it’s my own).

Hence it turned up to be a similarly lengthy 4-paragraph-essay-excerpt.

This 2nd essay, despite being the continuation of the first essay above, has nothing to do with me, because it was totally fabricated, as to make it sound kinda dramatic. I just hope my love story won’t have to end like the characters.

Here’s the entire text of the 2nd essay…

As Harry started packing his clothes and most of his paraphernalia to his suitcase, he spotted a dusty photo album on the bottom of his piling documents which consisted of the awards, finished assignments, and his college journals. It was a photo album of his memories in Bali during his 3-week vacation there. He soon took a flip through the pages and found a particular photo that struck him: it was a photo of him and Anastasia enjoying the sunset in Kuta beach.

He was astonished: he had completely forgotten about his promise to Tasia four years ago: his promise that he would always keep his heart available for her. He then took a look at the photo frame still standing still on his desk: another photograph of him and his fiancée (and also future wife) Isabella on their first date in a posh New York restaurant. He was completely at loss…. Not knowing what to say in case he meets her again.

Relax Harry, he told himself. He assured himself that since he would be back to Jakarta, and not Bali, it is impossible for him to meet Tasia by chance. However, he still feels a pang of guilt deep in his heart for not telling Tasia the truth. His love now is for Isabella only, and no other girls has ever attracted his love so deeply before…

He then decided: He had to go back to Bali. He had to face her and tell her the truth. Tell her the truth that he couldn’t fulfil his promise to marry her. Bitter though it is, he was then ready to face whatever kind of repercussions she might hold against him because, as everyone knows, his love was for Isabella alone.

"Wow,T", KZ said. "Is that your own love story?"

I just shied away from that question with a secretive grin.
Because of my helping KZ, I'm considering of writing a romance novel of my own now,hehe...

PS: Don't mind the grammatical errors, I'm too lazy to correct them now! (^_^)

Anonymous –   – (3 April 2008 at 01:24)  

PS: Don't mind the grammatical errors, I'm too lazy to correct them now! (^_^)

oh don't worry, me too :D

i think, the essay becomes beautiful and worth to read because you help your friend with whole hearted :)

you wrote with love, hehe that's why it looked good :)

ow ya, i moved to wordpress now, my old multiply already deleted :)

厚山 利彦 (Toshihiko Atsuyama)  – (3 April 2008 at 11:52)  

"you wrote with love, hehe that's why it looked good"


u're making my face blushing red, hehe :D

btw, knp ngga pindah ke Blogger aja mba?

Anonymous –   – (5 April 2008 at 03:15)  

sumpe deh :D

if you do something with love, the result will look good, has a deep meaning. i've read yours, and it's so touchy.

hehe, too bad i can't see your blushing face :D

kayanya enakan wordpress, cocok buat orang gaptek kaya saya hehe, thanks.

厚山 利彦 (Toshihiko Atsuyama)  – (6 April 2008 at 05:18)  

haha.. no need to see it, i look ugly when i blush :P

mo tukeran link ngga nih? gw taro yg wordpressnya yah.. :)

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