If Yahoo and Google “get married”

My pal BòóN posted this interesting snapshot he found:

Quite diverting. He wished Yahoo and Google could merge, so that we (meaning; ordinary internet users like you and me) could enjoy this whole “Yagoohoogle” experience without all the hassles of having to switch between one and the other.

Most of us here (especially those who frequent Jeremy Wagstaff’s blog) know how enjoyable using Gmail is, but unfortunately, his brother Picasa (who also belongs to the Mr G’s gang) doesn’t give us a similar impression. I am even tempted to say out loud how thrifty Mr G is, only allowing a limited storage of 1 GB for us freebie-lovers despite his claim of growing Gmail storage everyday… Miss Y! on the other hand is much more magnanimous with her Flickr allowance of 100 MB monthly for us freebie-lovers.

Unfortunately, my praisd for Miss Y! has to end here.

Mr G has much more to offer than Miss Y! when it comes to everything else. He has an excellent e-mail service in his golden son Gmail with the security guard against spams, something that seemed to escape Miss Y!’s notice. Mr G is more directly to the point by calling them SPAM instead of BULK in this aspect. Mr G also has one of the best blog services around (which IMHO, is matched only by Wordpress), and also the first video-hosting ever (though we know that Youtube kid was adopted).

Some may protest that I’m comparing Google and Yahoo! in terms of their blog services, because Yahoo! doesn’t even own one.

Umm… Wait a minute. Miss Y! has a blog service, but the thing is, that kid of hers isn’t a very popular choice to begin with. I’ve seen what a Y! blog looks like, it’s kinda pathetic. I guess Y! has a lot of things to improve, eh…

Another thing, Miss Y!’s search service doesn’t emanate a very pleasant view to our eyes, with all the wordiness and highly decorative ornaments. People say, the simpler the better, and Mr G seemed to have taken this to heart, that’s why he used that simple and minimalistic look.

Let me digress.

Tomorrow (7/3) I’m going to travel with my uncle to several northernmost islands of Indonesia in an attempt to trace our ancestry (and a bit of soul-searching on my part), hence the blog will not be updated for the next six or seven days. I’ll still be keeping journals and post them on the dates pertained though, so don’t forget to come back here next week to see the wonders of North Sulawesi!

Yuki Tobing  – (5 March 2008 at 17:30)  

haha, there used to be http://www.gahooyoogle.com quite long time ago, the question now is who imitated whom?

厚山 利彦 (Toshihiko Atsuyama)  – (5 March 2008 at 20:57)  

I checked the gahooyoogle link and it apparenly belongs to Yahoo.. haha. Guess it would be for the best of us all if they merge, eh? ^^

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