When my nemesis banged up his girlfriend

Well, the Bible says that we have to forgive. But it never tells us to forget, which is why I write about this today.

That nemesis of mine, let me just rename him FD here, was a very popular guy among the babes at school. He’s the charismatic one, the one who always enters the spotlight with all the charm and everything.

If X thought that dating a lot of girlfriends at once was a very “victorious” thing he should be proud of, then I had my own right to think that getting the top ranks at school was the thing that I was proud of. And I did not have to show that off, because my prestige was already self-evident in itself.

However, FD seemed to be envious of my achievements and he chose to attack me on my weak spots. Let me not go into details here, because it could get a bit unpleasant.

On one particular day after our school graduation, he sputtered out one single quotation I couldn’t forget:

“What freaking sissy nerds you guys are, all you could do is study and study all the time to gain the top spots on every single school terms, but still bunch of losers in school life!!”

The quote above was personally directed at me (and generally, at my closest mates whom I often hang out with) four years ago. Since that comment onwards, he has become the person I hated most. It’s just so fortunate of him that I’m not the type of person who likes to rage back, which is why I kept my mouth shut from retorting.

If there is one word I could never accept, it is the word “loser”. I really don’t mind people calling me names like “nerd” or “sissy”, but I do expect them to refrain from using the word “loser”. Do not ever call anyone a “loser”, because the term “winning” or “losing” is a very subjective thing.

Apparently, around two years after that incident, I heard from a friend of mine that FD banged up his own girlfriend. So unfortunate of him, his family was an arch-conservative one that they decided to disown him. In the end, I heard that he had to scrape his own living from scratch to feed himself, his girlfriend, and the baby-to-be.

My reaction?

You people might not like to hear about my reaction to his misery, because it would make me sound very evil here (hence leaves you my blog readers a bad impression about me). But I would leave you people to draw up your own conclusions about how I felt hearing that news.

Because if I ever meet FD again, I would approach him with a naïve expression on my face, and ask him this question:

“Well FD, who’s the loser now?”

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