Britney: Now and Then

I used to think that Britney was a babe, you know; being hot and everything. Her debut performance in “Oops! I did it again” was indeed a lusciously naïve one, showing a total hottie draped in a school uniform… It was so kinky.

But now, seeing her abandoning her child, getting in and out of wedlocks so easily, and being hospitalized like that…? Man, she is totally NOT hot.

Ugh. Don’t let me be the last to puke...

Isaac Yassar  – (14 January 2009 at 06:03)  

Hi, I'm Isaac Yassar and I help people reach success in self development, business, and blogging for free. Yes, I agree with you, it shows her true color. Certainly fame can do many things to one's personality, she might be nice in the past, but everybody's changing.

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