Wordpress and its similarity to the Old Blogger account

Quick question: Which blog hosting service is the top choice for Indonesian-based bloggers?

Wordpress, of course.

According to my own browsing and net-surfing research, Wordpress blogs generally invite more comments from fellow Indonesian bloggers than their Blogger counterparts.

Those Indonesian-based blogs that are based in Blogger usually end up being left hanging amidst nowhere, in a land of little (if there is any) blog traffic.

I couldn’t stop wondering this phenomenon: why do most Indonesians like Wordpress despite all of its drawbacks?

The drawbacks I’m referring to are the need for one to install the Wordpress programme and above all, to tamper with the blog’s HTML.

Blogger used to be like that, you know, during the Old Blogger days when we all had to manually add links, tagboards, and all sorts of stuff into the page’s HTML. I’d say that it’s even a good thing, bcoz by tampering with my own blog template, I could study Web Design by what ppl call “learning by doing”.

But as time went by, the fun I had in editing the template gradually turned into a total ennui.


It was tedious you know, when you had to add all sorts of stuff like hyperlinks, and then bold the title, italicise it, and later on delete it… All of them made me fed up with Blogger.

I even considered moving the entirety of my blog posts into Friendster Blog altogether, where I could get higher traffic from my friends.

Glad I finally didn’t!

Bcoz now with the New Blogger acc, I’d never ever have to tamper with my blog template again (unless I want sth specific!). All these stuff on the right-hand side of this blog are merely a result of copy-pasting HTML codes and pictures into the “Add Widget” option, a blog section that I found very comfy with all its ease to edit the stuff inside.

Now back to Wordpress

I know that in Wordpress, one can have one’s own domain name w/o having the “wordpress.com” in the back, such as “myname.com” instead of “myname.wordpress.com”.

But with all the drawbacks aforementioned? I don’t think so. Esp. since my primary e-mail address is now in Gmail, it’s much more comfy to have all my accounts integrated into one source, which is Google.

And hey, do you know that both Picasa and Youtube now belong to Google too? I’ve considered moving my photos in Zorpia to my Picasa account now, as to supplement my “Full Google experience”.

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