Not that much a dog-lover

I have a confession to make.

Remember Wolfie?

Well, I… or Mom to be exact, have sort of sold her to another dog-loving family.

You may expect my whole family to be sopping wet with tears, but the fact remains that we weren’t.

In fact, I myself am not that much of a dog-lover as the way I’m a cat-lover.

Really, if Wolfie was a Golden Retriever who has a good instinct as a guard dog, I would’ve liked her more… But she’s an Alaskan Malamute, a working dog who’s supposed to be pulling sledges in the Arctic!

That’s why Wolfie has no apparent use that she could serve… It was my sister Mary who asked for her in the first place, anyway… Admittedly, I’m sometimes kinda harsh to Wolfie too due to such uselessness. I sort of regret it now.

But my harshness to Wolfie is still nothing to what Indonesians in general (sorry for a bit stereotyping here) would do to a dog they detest.

Do you know of the dog-poisoning tradition in Indonesia? The majority of Indonesian ppl never like dogs and so it’s never a problem for them to get rid of them. They just throw a chunk of meat soaked with toxic liquid inside its cage and the next morning….. say Goodbye to your dog!

Wolfie’s quite lucky not to be a victim of such a tradition. Alaskan Malamutes never bark when a stranger approaches them and thus, they would be the easiest target for them should it ever happen!

Anyway, since now I no longer have a dog to throw my leftover food to and a dog that I can walk my evening with, I think I’m gonna miss Wolfie for the first couple of weeks…

Bye Wolfie, and have a good life there with your new owner!

PS: the new owner’s house is still located in the Pamulang vicinity and thus, it would be easy for us all to visit her anytime we want to.

d  – (9 October 2007 at 14:50)  

No shit! There's a dog-poisoning tradition back home? I've never heard of such thing before. I know they eat 'em... especially the Christian Bataks. Shame on you for being mean so Wolfie *teasing*

Toshihiko Atsuyama  – (9 October 2007 at 21:39)  

um.. the "dog-poisoning tradition" is a sarcastic jargon i invented myself. my former neighbour's dog was once poisoned to death and i know that such an occurrence appears is so commonplace that I call them a 'tradition'. Hehe

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