North Korea: a dumbed down nation

“Our country is sooo great, no wonder the American dogs tremble in fear seeing all our mightiness…”

“My ultimate dream is that one day I can kill an American dog to present it as an offering to The General…”

Such quotes do not come from Al-Qaeda top leaders, who prefer to impose their terrors to WTC than to talk hogwash. Nor do they come from Iraqis whose houses were bombarded by the American soldiers.

Rather, such quotes come from ppl in –where else— the very last remaining Marxist haven on earth.

North Korea.

Lately I’ve taken a keen interest after watching documentaries in Discovery Channel and NG channel abt North Korea with its unique nature, where for the first time I got an insight to this recluse nation.

I then traversed thru numerous Wikipedia articles to get a better perceptivity of how North Koreans eat, talk, think, do politics, get entertained, celebrate Christmas (which is of course bloody impossible), and above all, revere their so-called “Dear Leader” Kim Jong-il.

When I saw on TV how they venerated both their Dear Leader Kim Jong-il and his late father, the so-called “Eternal President” Kim il-Sung, I thought that all of them must have feigned such exaggerated devotion due to fear of persecution by the North Korean army.

But then a lightning struck my head.

The North Koreans CERTAINLY love their General very much, because the logic goes like this:

If there were anyone who hates their Dear Leader, why is there no rebellious group in North Korea until today?

The history had taught us all a lesson: if the people don’t like the current regime, there would be either a coup d’etat (like in Thailand), insurrection (such as in Burma), or strong oppositions (Indonesia included).

As an American myself, hearing those North Koreans cursing Americans, the feeling I have for them is more of a sympathy rather than vengeance.


It’s because of their lack of information.

Pose the questions “When did the Al-Qaeda crash the planes into WTC?” or “How did Lady Diana die?”, and I daresay that even the African tribal chiefs in Kenya can answer such trivial queries.

What abt the North Koreans? I bet none of them knows anything about the Statue of Liberty, let alone the “WTC crash”.

And yes, there a thousands of reasons why anyone, not even the miserable war-stricken Palestinians or Iraqis would ever want to switch places with the North Koreans.


It’s because how ironic it really is, despite having their Southern counterpart (read: South Korea) with the highest internet penetration in the world, there is no internet access in North Korea.

Thus, no North Koreans (apart from the defectors, of course) would ever read this blog post, which enables me to curse their Kim Jong-ill as much as I like.


Let’s imagine how a chit-chat between the incumbent South Korean president Roh Moo-Hyun and Kim Jong-il goes during their inter-summit breaks…

KJI: So Mr Roh, what do you think of Pyongyang?

RMH: Hm? Excellent weather, beautiful city… Unlike what I’d expected. My spokesman told me that he had googled Pyongyang and read that the city’s condition was appalling!

KJI: “Googled”? What is that?

RMH: Oh sorry. I forgot you have no internet here… My bad. “Googled” means that he searched information through Google, a search engine website.

KJI: Oh yeah, Goooooogle, is it? Yeah, I heard of it. Why, you said your spokesman found my city Pyongyang to be appalling in Goooooogle? That’s an outright lie!!! Who wrote such nonsense, huh? If I were you, I would’ve imprisoned that prevaricator straightaway!!

RMH: ( looking a bit troubled) Ah hahaha….. Yes, you’re right. But that’s not the way I run my country.

KJI: Yeah, I know. Now that I think of it, I’d personally recommend you to ban internet in your country, you know. I don’t know what other tripes people are writing their stuff there. Just take a look at my people; they’re basically pure without internet.

RMH: (now looking more troubled) Umm…. Yes, I’ll think about it. Now let’s continue our political discussion, shall we?

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