What does it mean to be unbiased?

Unbiased: without bias; characterised by a lack of partiality

As we (and those wiseacre philosophers) know, there is no such thing called objectivity.

According to my e-dictionary, objectivity is defined as “Judgment based on observable phenomena and uninfluenced by emotions or personal prejudices”.

Thus, by using this definition of objectivity, even the so-called neutral encyclopaedias like Wikipedia, does not have a single objective article. Everything inside world of Wikipedia are all damn biased.

The truth is, objectivity should be defined as the coexistence of subjectivity from two opposite ends.

Every kind of existence in this world, both yin and yang and the grey stuff in between, are all subjected to personal opinions from the very beginning of their beingness.


So let me go back to the definition of “objectivity” given by my e-dictionary above: “Judgement … uninfluenced by emotions or personal prejudices.

How can the Jesus article be objective then, when Jesus is explained as the son of God by Christians, prophet by Muslims, and manifestation of Krishna by some Hindus !??

“Jesus is the Son of God” is a prejudiced opinion given by the Christians.

“Jesus is a liar who gives fake testaments that his power comes from God” is a prejudiced opinion given by the Jews.

“Jesus is a prophet” is a prejudiced opinion given by the Muslims.

In the end, ppl from outside the religious scope like the atheists and freethinkers may be left out there filled with a thousand questions of who can account objectively who Jesus really is.

The truth is, in order to be subjective, you must always include objective opinion from both (or even more) opposites.

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