Sutiyoso for President? I don’t think so…

Warning: High level of Sarcasm contamination detected.

It was on the news how Sutiyoso, our “beloved” former governor of our city Jakarta, is gonna nominate himself as a presidential candidate in 2009 election. Yeah, right.

Before I say anything malevolent that could potentially harm his reputation, let’s take a quick glance at some of his “achievements”:

  1. He had succeeded in organising and celebrating the Jakarta Water Festival (read: FLOOD) for two consecutive 5-year-periods.
  2. He had succeeded in reorganising the municipal housing administration into the “amburadul” form we are having now.
  3. He introduced the Transjakarta Bus Rapid Transit System, which had caused both comfort for Jakartans on one side, and an increase in traffic jams on the other hand.
  4. Increased pollution, “better” healthcare system for Jakartans
  5. The first condominiums in Jakarta were built during his administration…
  6. Yet the slums are still there!
  7. 100+ Malls in Jakarta??? Our city isn’t located in California, for goodness sake!

And yeah, Sutiyoso is also apparently “more attractive than Yudhoyono”! He is also prioritised by a major political party due to his relatively younger age than his opponents, which is quite a “strong” point.

So why should we vote for any other candidates, then? With all those points elaborated above, I myself would no doubt vote for Sutiyoso! (Only if there are no other candidates left, of course…)

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