Two tragic deaths in one day

I dunno what to say of this blog post… It was shocking to have happened for real…

The post was written by Manusia Super in Indonesian language, and the original one can be found in:

Dua Kematian Dalam Satu Hari

In order to bridge the story to a wider audience, I’ve translated the entire blog post into English. I apologise if there is any inaccuracies, as I myself am an amateur translator…


and the ending always comes at last
ending always come to fast
it come too fast…
(FFF - All I Know)

I dunno, I only feel that I have to write about it, otherwise I’ll explode.

This morning, a ruckus was heard in my neighbour’s house. Firstly I thought it was only a hubby-wife quarrel. However, something was different. My neighbour’s daughter choked while having her breakfast and she had a difficulty in breathing. All methods of aids were attempted yet failed, so eventually she was brought to the hospital.

Meanwhile, I went to the office as usual.

While I was in the office, doing some work while having some light chats with calonorangtenarsedunia, mom phoned.

“Ris, Putri passed away…”

“Innalillahi…” I was utterly taken aback.

That fast, in an early age of four years old. Putri, my neighbour’s daughter just died being diagnosed of asphyxiation.

It was only a few hours ago that Putri passed by with her red bike in front of my house, before her mother called her for breakfast, before the morning’s ruckus.

I then finished my work faster than usual so that I could get home earlier.

Around 2 o’clock, I arrived home. Putri had just been laid to rest. Exactly at the time I got to my front lawn, the group of cars that brought Putri had also just arrived at the neighbourhood.

I haven’t entered my own house when suddenly a long scream was heard. It came from Putri’s house.

I straightaway ran to the source of the scream, asking about what had happened to the housewives who were gabbing in front of Putri’s house. It was Septa, younger sister of Putri’s mom, was out of the blue having fallen with a foaming mouth.

I firstly thought that she was fatigued by the shock of her niece’s death. But then one of her relatives told me that Septa had just drunk something from a bottle taken from the fridge in Putri's house.

INTOXICATION, it instantly passed my mind.

I immediately went to the kitchen, pouring the powdered milk I found there and stirred it like hell and gave it to Septa’s mouth to drink.

It was unavailing, Septa was already unable to swallow it. The milk I poured into her mouth only streamed on her cheeks. Panic, the housewives around me shrieked hysterically staring at the condition of this lady who’s still in her 20s.

I then asked one of them to prepare a car. With the help of another guy, we carried Septa while her mouth was still frothing that poured onto my arms.

Septa was immediately brought to the ICU in the nearby clinic.

Around 7 minutes later, the car came back. Without Septa.

The driver only shouted out loud without turning of his engine: Septa died!

I felt as if I was gonna faint. So fast, so unpredictable.

The family had just released the passing away of their beloved daughter. Now the mother had to lose her younger sister, straight off after Putri’s funeral.

The bottle that Septa had just drunk was quickly taken for research. Numerous opinions came out, but it could be well-nigh assured that the liquid inside was not suitable for drinking. The most commonly accepted opinion was that the water was a blanching agent or a whitener liquid.

After that, Putri’s Mom went hysterical, she recalled that Putri had also drunk something from the fridge when she choked.

While helping in the preparation of the funeral and bathing of the body – for the second time – in this house, my mind was filled with a lot of commotion. I had to organise it, otherwise I’d blew up.


How can life be so cruel? This family lost their 2 members in hours… What blessing in this kind of disguise?

If only I ran faster, if only I kept on forcing Septa to drink the milk from me, if only I was stronger in carrying her, if only I came home earlier, if only it wasn’t me who was the nighest to her that time, would she still be alive?

Who poured that toxic liquid into a waterbottle, and kept it on the fridge? And why?

Was Septa’s position when I poured the milk into her mouth was wrong? That I only worsen her condition?

Why does schools in Indonesia doesn’t teach ppl the theory and practice of First Aid?

How does the family cope now?


DO NOT, do not ever try even once to pour a poisonous liquid into a waterbottle, even when it is a used one, let alone keeping it together with other food and potables.

Death, is totally unpredictable. It can’t be helped. It happens when it has to happen. The only thing that we can do is to prepare our best for it whenever the time comes.

Sometimes, action needs to be done without a lot of thinking. There are things that can only rely on our instincts.

There are a lot of things that I have to finish within the limited time that I have. I must appreciate the time I have. Death has millions of ways and reasons to approach us all.

And it never asks for permission…


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