Blatant Deception of Burger King, J-Co and Starbucks in Indonesia

Last Saturday, I went to the newly-opened Burger King in Sarinah. There are only 2 BK outlets in Indonesia that I know of; the other being in Senayan City.

It had been quite a while that I hadn’t tasted a BK since I left Singapore.. Unfortunately, it was 6 PM by the time we arrived in Sarinah that all restaurants and cafés are packed with Muslims breaking their fast.

I was famished at that time as I didn’t have a repleting lunch. And that was the first time I could feel for myself how do Muslims feel during the seconds before the Buka Puasa (Fast Breaking), even though I’ve had both breakfast and lunch that day.

In the packed BK, the queue was so damned long that I couldn’t help but to notice that the pricing system that BK uses is a so-called “Truncated-Rupiah” system, where the price of a Burger being Rp 30,000 is shown as Rp 30.


If I were a beggar and the price figures shown were really true to what they display, I could buy myself tonnes of burgers from that deceiver BK!!!

At that time I reminded myself that numerous other franchises in Indonesia are also using the same pricing system in their pricing display, the most notable being J-Co and Starbucks.

Those frigging food outlets probably think they can look foreign, or even American-ish, by eliminating the Zeroes from the price list. At a first glance, they even seem as if they are priced in dollars!

Really, I wonder why anyone hasn’t sued those food outlets for having used such damned blatant deceptions up front... Even with only a piece of Rp 1,000 bill on my wallet, I could buy 20 dozens of J-Co donuts!!!

My Creative digicam is spoilt and I dunno any Creative centre in Jakarta that can fix it, so I couldn’t get any solid evidence in the form of picture to put in this blog post. Living in Singapore for two years, I thought Creative was a reliable company, but now I know I shouldn’t have trusted a Singapore brand.

But now as it’s clearly seen, even American brands like Starbucks and Burger King couldn’t be trusted either.


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