The Saudi Arabian "Culture"

This is a very funny excerpt I found in an Uncyclopedia site about Saudi Arabia. No racial offence intended here, it wasn't me who wrote the article after all!

For those who dunno, Uncyclopedia is a satirical parody website of Wikipedia.

Anyway, have a good laugh! (^o^)

In order to understand the saudi culture it's been suggested to interview a young saudi citizen:

Interviewer: your name?
Saudi: Akmed.

Interviewer: sex?
Saudi: 8 times a week.

Interviewer: sorry, i meant male or female..
Saudi: males, females, shemales, and sometimes even camels.

Interviewer: holy cow!
Saudi: yea, cows and goats, too.

Interviewer: gosh, isn't that hostile?
Saudi: horse style, dog style, any style!

Interviewer: oh, dear!
Saudi: nah, no deer, they run too fast!

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