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Hey, my Blog’s web counter has passed the 1000 mark! New record, new record, new record!! Yay!!!

In comparison to the famous bloggers, such as Xiaxue’s blog I visited just now, and saw that her Blog’s web counter is reset on a daily basis, and yet it has passed the 7600 mark by the time I visited it!

God, I do wish my blog can be that popular one day, eh…

Four days ago, I’ve resolved myself to start picking up a new routine: to walk Wolfie (my dog) for at least 90 minutes everyday. No, of course there isn’t plenty of pavements here. In Indonesia, proper pavements are confined merely to the elite districts such as on the sides of the Balinese streets where rich Westerners often stroll or Permata Hijau in South Jakarta where rich celebs often hang out...

The good thing about walking my female Alaskan Malamute here is that I can enjoy nature too while walking her. And yes, she was named Wolfie due to her rather wolfish appearance (if you’ve followed the hyperlink, you’d understand what I meant).

Gone are all the strains of agonies I had to endure while walking my dog in Tanah Kusir…

There are several reasons I choose to describe that walking my dog in Tanah Kusir as an agonising experience.

First, we all know that FPI’s leadership is mostly held by the Betawi ppl. And there are a lot of Betawi ppl in Tanah Kusir, just like there are a lot of Filipino maids in Lucky Plaza (Singapore) or Hispanic Cubans in Little Havana (Miami, USA). Thus, I learned not to fret when those Betawis threw unfriendly stares at me while walking my dog; it is the dog that they hate, not me.

Second, whenever Wolfie’s defecating (or shitting) on the street was unfortunately spotted by one of my Betawi neighbours, he/she would report to whomever nearby that “a filthy dog just dropped its bomb”, and in unison they would bellow at me to clean it as soon as possible. I really found that as some kind of an attempt to lower of my dignity, as if I was treated as their inferior by taking their orders like that.

But hey, they’re the majority there.

I’m well aware that Muslims regard dogs as being unclean animals, but it’s the saliva that’s filthy, not the body. Thus I’m always bewildered whenever I see anyone say they’re afraid of touching a dog (even if it’s not Wolfie): it’s not like the dog will always LICK anyone they see, right???

Thank God it’s no longer the case here in Pamulang.

The majority of ppl here in Pamulang are always amazed to see Wolfie and they usually give comments like,

“Hey, is that a wolf you’re holding?”


“What a beautiful dog you have!”


“How much did you buy it for?”

Usually I threw them a smile or gave answers like, “It’s a polar dog” as the locals always have a hard time hearing my pronunciation of the breed “Alaskan Malamute”, but sometimes I also get kinda tired of being the centre of attention that I just walked Wolfie faster and pretend not to hear their questions.

When I walk Wolfie, it’s usually around 7-9 AM in the morning or 4-6 PM in the evening, when the weather’s sunny but not when the sunlight is directly overhead.

As for today, I was unable to do so bcoz I woke up late in the morning. And when I decided to walk Wolfie in the evening, it rained. Dammit…

Let me talk a bit abt how walking Wolfie in Pamulang usually goes. It’s a 15 minutes walk from my home to the greeneries. For further 10 mins, I’d be able to reach the front entrance of Vila Pamulang. But there’s not much to see around that main entrance, so I simply contented myself with the greeneries.

There, I can see the primary-school-age kids who either are playing soccer or rubber rope-jumping (loncat karet) stop their activities at once and come approach Wolfie. Most were afraid seeing her at first, but eventually all of them came to know how friendly Wolfie is toward humans.

Those who were afraid of Wolfie are usually adults, but seeing their own children bringing Wolfie’s leash (yes, I gave them), they were able to summon up their courage to touch her.

When almost nobody is frightened of Wolfie anymore, walking the dog somehow becomes a very pleasant experience for me. Ppl greet me warmly and they’re all nice to me w/ unfeigned smiles unlike those I found in Tanah Kusir….

Hopefully in a month doing these 90 mins walks everyday, I can see my Wolfie in a slimmer posture from today (now it’s still around 25 kg, you know!)

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