What’s wrong with the Turks?

Turkish officials have expressed outrage over a United States congressional resolution labeling the Ottoman Empire's World War I era killings of up to 1.5 million Armenians as "genocide". The Turkish government has warned that the resolution threatens its strategic partnership with the U.S.

And um… what exactly are they outraged over? Mass killing that wasn’t even their fault???

Get over it, for goodness sake! The German government never minds labeling the ethnic cleansing of 6 million Jews as “Holocaust”, so why are those Turks acting like dorks?

The current German govt has nothing to do whatsoever with the old Nazi… They even acknowledge the holocaust and anually express their regret over the atrocities.

The same thing goes for the Turkish govt.

The current Turkish govt certainly has nothing to do whatsoever with the Ottoman Empire, a sultanate that lasted only until the end of WW1.

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