Sharen, The XL girl: an epitome of beauty

For those who wanna join the pro-contra debate of this ad, you can enter these Kaskus threads:

Meanwhile, I’d like to give my own opinion about this ad (or the girl, to be exact, hehe…)

I got the pic from those Kaskus threads above. This ad shows how XL, one of the biggest cellular service providers in Indonesia, promoting the cheapest local phonecall tariff for as low as Rp 1/second. That means 0.010753 US cents per second or a mere 0.6 US cents per minute!

So inexpensive, huh? Yeah, but I don’t give a damn abt the promotion.

Rather, I’m much more interested in the model of the ad itself… (^_^)

For us in major Indonesian cities, there is no way of escaping notice of this ad, as it has been appearing almost everywhere in the last two weeks in every Handphone stands in all Indonesian cities…

So far, the only info I could gather about her is that:

  1. Her name is Sharen
  2. She’s a model of an agency named “PROFILE Management”
  3. She was invited as a guest in the talk show “Empat Mata” in the Indonesian channel Trans TV.
  4. Unfortunately, she already has a boyfriend.
  5. And alas, she’s planning to get married soon!

Dunno if the data I’ve gathered is reliable enough, but it is undisputable that she is, really, an epitome of beauty!!!

A lot of guys have an eye for her (me too, hehe) and it’s so damn unfortunate that she’s already got nuptial plan up and running, let alone having a boyfriend.

Huh… Laments of a desperate guy… Lols.

Speaking of the contra…

In the Kaskus threads, ppl are arguing whether this ads is actually degrading women as the “Rp 1/sec” is clearly showed up in front of her bosom. For feminists and religious activists alike, it can be a very sensitive issue to debate upon, esp. in a country like Indonesia, the most populous Muslim country in the world.

I’m not interested in joining the debate, as for me personally, the matter abt “writing in the bosom seems vulgar” shouldn’t be something that ppl argue in. It’s not like she’s a Playboy model, right?

This is the XL promotion that preceded the "Rp1/sec" ad... Seems that Sharen proved to be a bombshell, huh? The guy in the middle and the girl w/ that "Without Any Prerequirements" T-shirt didn't even appear in the new XL ad!

IndCoup  – (1 October 2007 at 06:08)  

she is hot man!! I should feature her on my website too!!

Toshihiko Atsuyama  – (1 October 2007 at 07:44)  

yeah, she sure is!! ^o^

Only the blind and gays would ever disagree w/ u!

d  – (1 October 2007 at 11:20)  

wtf? can't they spend their energy bitching about more important stuff? it's an ad for crying out loud! grow up, already...

as for her beauty, she sure is.

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