Pamulang: A suburban Jakarta experience

Today I’m gonna talk abt Pamulang, the new place I’m residing in now.

With the title above notwithstanding, any Jakartan should be able to tell you that Pamulang is a part of Tangerang, not Jakarta. Pamulang is on the southwestern part of Ciputat, a district that borders the southernmost part of Jakarta. That’s why the air is 100 times fresher here…

For you outsiders, let me give an intro here. Pamulang is a district located in the northwestern part of the Tangerang regency of the Banten province. In case anyone’s not paying attention to the provincial divisions in the last 5 yrs, just remember: West Java was divided into two some time ago (I dunno the exact year) into two separate provinces: Banten on the east (with the inclusion of Merak, Anyer, and friends) and West Java on the west (where Bandung, Cirebon, and my Mom’s hometown Tasikmalaya is).

With a climate this fresh and within out-of-reach of that Betawi community that was dominant when I still lived in Tanah Kusir (Sorry for being a bit racist here), there’s no need to question how instantly I liked this place…

Gone are all those bajaj and other numerous public vehicles that I used to encounter while cycling around the neighbourhood, eh… Lolz.. In the last three days I’ve kept to the promise aforementioned yesterday; to walk my dog as far as I could and enjoying it as I dun have to suffer from any pollution..

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