Uncyclopedia: a Wikipedia supplement

A supplement? Not really, actually.

Soon after getting active in Wikipedia since last week, I indulge myself more in editing (read: vandalising) Uncyclopedia articles w/ all the hogwashes… Lols.

It’s not that I like to write codswallops better, it’s just that it’s 100X easier to find an incomplete article in Uncyclopedia than Wikipedia and edit them.

Even easier is the Indonesian Wikipedia parody, Tolololpedia, which currently has only around 70 articles and the site’s been dormant for weeks, it seems. There are only two or three members who visit the site once a week (as seen in the Recent Changes monitoring). Thus, I’m doing my best now to put the best jokes I can w/ these new articles I ever started in a Wikia site (in chronological order):

Indonesian Domestic Worker

Transportation in Indonesia



Those are the only ones I’ve contributed for now, and ppl can expect me to make some more in the couple of months to come, as long as I have time to burn (before I get into college, hehe…). For now I’m polishing my Wiki template-editing skills to be a better Wiki sites editor…

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