Neo-Nazism in Israel exists

Never before have I ever encountered news this strange. No, I am not kidding. Just click on the hyperlink I’ve given to see it yourself…

Now if you don’t gasp when you read that title above, you must have fallen under at least one of these categories:

  1. You have read/watched this same news a few days ago elsewhere on TV/magazine/radio/newspaper/etc..
  2. You don’t know what Nazi is (“is it the same as Nazi Goreng?”) as you always skipped your history lessons at school.
  3. You’ve heard abt Nazi but the entire thing you know abt it is its funnily-plump leader with the oddly-trimmed moustache (read: Hitler).
  4. You know very well abt Nazism and how shocking the news really is but you don’t give a damn abt whatsoever such news may entail
  5. You don’t understand English (then how could you read these statements and get amused by it now???)

Seeing this news is as if reading headlines like

“The Saudi Arabian government plans to allow Catholic Cathedrals and Hindu Temples to be built in the country by year 4542”

or maybe a more spectacular one like:

Indonesia grabbed the FIFA World Cup 3400 Winner title!!! VIVA INDONESIA!!!”

As you see, the two titles above (which, if you’re too retarded to notice, are headlines I imagined myself) are bloody impossible. But the existence of Neo-Nazism in Israel really is true.

What’s more shocking is the fact that those seemingly Neo-Nazis are actually Jewish descendants themselves, not an anti-Jew coming into Israel as ppl might otherwise think.

I can’t imagine how proud Führer Hitler would be in Hell there seeing how today’s Jewish generation turns up to be following his steps (though only a few brats shown on the news). It’s like Michael Jackson you know, being racist towards his own race… Starking stupid.

Really. Lolz. In their childhood they must’ve gone to the synagogue w/ their parents, only to find themselves adoring the supposedly No.1 anti-hero of their country in their adulthood.

Now that my imagination is running wild, I am imagining how things would turn up if today’s existing Neo-Nazis in Germany were to win the national elections with some major voting:

  1. They would put a Neo-Nazi Chancellor and change the Black-Red-Yellow stripes flag into slightly-slanted Swastika flag.
  2. Surprisingly enough, both Germany and Israel decided to keep their diplomatic relations as there is now a big deal of trade going on between those two and any diplomatic straining would hurt both countries’ economy severely.
  3. The only precaution taken is that no more German flights could ever go to an Israeli city and vice versa for safety measures.
  4. With a wiser Neo-Nazi Chancellor today, the entire Jewish communities in Germany would not be allocated to concentration camps like they did in WW2, but simply expelled out of the country and had their German citizenship revoked.
  5. Hitlerism Church would turn into the state religion and any other religions would be banned.
  6. School history books had to be altered with any mentions of “how Führer Hitler had died” would be turned into “how Hitler had faked his own death” and how Hitler could transfigure himself into numerous former German leaders such as Angela Merkel in order to retain his power yet concealing it at the same time.
  7. Good relations between Germany and USA and other European countries had to be maintained in order to avoid a similar World War resulting in a so-called “defeat” and a so-called “Führer’s death”

The “best” thing would be what’s going on inside the Israeli Embassy in Berlin then:

  1. The Israeli ambassador had to be a non-Jewish Israeli (such as, a Chinese ethnic who was born in a Chinatown in Tel Aviv) in order to ensure that neutrality was maintained in both countries’ diplomatic policies.
  2. As there was the rule of not allowing any flights from Israel to Germany and vice versa, the Israeli ambassador and embassy staffs had to transit for at least 10 (ten) times thru numerous countries in Asia, Africa, and Southern America in order to get to Berlin.
  3. No German would ever be allowed to enter the Israeli embassy and vice versa (those who were unfortunate to work inside have to spend the rest of their lives there and food supplies are dropped by a helicopter on monthly basis).
  4. Hundreds of German top snipers would be positioned right in front of the embassy to ensure that no Israeli broke rule No.3, no matter how urgent the matter was. Whilst should any German break the rule No.3, he/she would be given a mere fine of 1 Euro, no matter how many times he/she had broken it before. So practically, the embassy would be a hell lot worse than a concentration camp.
  5. While the new German Swastika flag always got hung up high on the pole, the Israeli flag would have to be burned everyday ceremoniously, resulting in orders of 365 Israeli flags from Tel Aviv anually.
  6. The Israeli would become a major tourist attraction in the city. How? Despite the restriction of not allowing any German enterring the Israeli embassy, all Germans and foreign tourists visiting Berlin would be allowed to throw stones, eggs, and other potentially-harmful items such as torch and spears into the embassy. To ensure that every single item thrown could enter the embassy, the fence should be built as low as possible.
  7. Any deaths occuring from rule No.3 and rule No.6 would not be of Germany’s responsibility. Should the embassy had all of the Israelis inside accidentally killed and the Israeli government refuses to send new ambassadors and staff workers, then the Neo-Nazi government would fill in the embassy with homosexuals, Catholic priests, Muslims, and other humans whom they think were lower than the Arya race.

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