Kamichu! finished, Jigoku Shoujo commences

The printer just arrived two days ago and I’ve realised how a pain in the neck it was during the days before it came. Gone are the days when I have to spend hours in front of my computer reading e-books and stuff to study, as now I can easily print all the study materials: free Word of The Day, free Esperanto lessons, free Wikipedia articles, free Hiragana Times Easy articles, and thousands of other freebie readings… HOHOHOO!!!

Now that the Kamichu! series has finished on TV, I regret not watching it since the early episodes… It’s just so lovely you know, with all the relaxing and leisurely pace the series goes, such a life I’ve been dreaming for… And it’s targetted for Seinen some more (male young adults), which is why I don’t regard watching this series as being sissy.

Despite the storyline pace that sometimes go too slow that the audience may feel that it goes w/o heading any clear direction, I still like Kamichu! for its very easy-listening and relaxing soundtrack and its unlaxing animation. It is by far, one of my most fave anime in terms of the animation, how the computer graphics comfort the eyes… And no wonder it has got that anime award in Japan for having achieved the best graphic of the year!

It’s just like watching animes such as Pokemon or Shaman King or Midori no Hibi that makes me love animes even more. My most fave is still the comedic ones of course, like School Rumble and Full Metal Panic Fumoffu!... But comedic animes are rare to be found, and even if I do find such an anime, they usually span over short season. Too bad, huh…

Anyway, I’m following a new Anime now, Jigoku Shoujo. It’s abt some hell ppl who deliver vengeance to those bullied or constantly haunted by malicious ppl on earth so that they can get rid of the bad guy.

It’s kinda like the exact opposite of the story Kamichu! huh? Yeah, it really is! One is about a Shinto God who helps those in need, whilst the other is abt Hell ppl who helps those in distress.

Lolz. Not really the kind of anime I like, but it’s not too bad for a substitute anyway.

The anime Colourcloud Palace that has been advertised on Animax for more than a month has not been aired yet, and even now I’ve already memorised the details of the anime w/o ever watching it, dammit! What took them so long to air it??!!! The premiere of the anime is on 26 September and yet they’ve advertised it since 26 August w/ the “Coming up in September…” thingy!

Just so happy that now 26 August is nearing, I’ve made sure I book the programme when the time comes!

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