Avril Lavigne a multilingual?

I just downloaded various language versions (apart from English) of song “Girlfriend” by Avril Lavigne only to find out how disappointing they are. I actually expected the multilingual versions to be total translation in the lyrics. However, the so-called difference is limited to the Reff part. Quite far-fetched, eh?

There are complete versions on that website (I ain’t telling the site here to respect copyright matters. However, the site is included on my “Fave Links” list. Just find it out by yourself).

I only downloaded four: French, Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin. The French version is so-so, not very bad. Still, considering her being of a French Canadian ancestry, her French is…. not up to expectations.

The Japanese one is much better. Good grasp of the pronunciation.

The Spanish version is the best I found so far. Her grasp of the prounciation there isn’t so bad…

What abt the Mandarin?

Hmm… Now pls don’t rebuke me for being totally frank here. Though I have a very low command of the language, I am very much used to hear hundreds, or even thousands of Chinese ppl from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, and even the mainland PRC. Having exposed to multiple variations of Mandarin (where it us called “Huayu” in Singapore but called “Zhongwen” elsewhere), I know how a good Mandarin sounds like.

And Avril’s Mandarin doesn’t even deserve to be called a decent one.

Honestly, it…. Is…. HORRIBLE!!!

Really, I tell you, every Chinese in the world would agree w/ me at once.

Now it doesn’t mean that I get to dislike her bcoz of that though, of course I still like her. Too bad she’s married now, eh? I’d love the prospect of dating her if she weren’t…


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