My blog was visited by a Californian corpse… Creepy!

In case nobody’s aware that I’m keeping track of who visits my blog every single day, I’m letting u ppl know that I’ve been doing that for quite a while now.

There is the Globetrackr I set up in my blog that can clearly show who has visited my blog in the last 10 visits, and it even provides Google Earth application to show to the most exact detail abt whereabouts of each visitor’s location..

My blog’s most faithful visitor is of course that Jakartan visitor (read: ME), and there are ppl visiting frm other countries too like Singapore, Pakistan, Surabaya, and even Nishinomiya!!

Most of the time, I know the visitors’ identity simply by looking at the location..

But in the case of a visitor from Los Angeles, I’m simply left puzzled and a bit scared.

U know, the Google Earth works well for zooming to the most elaborate detail only for countries like USA, UK, Japan, Singapore… While for pitiful countries like Indonesia or Philippines it probably will need a several decades to fill in the street names and obtain a better satelite picture.

Here’s the case. Out of curiosity, I zoomed in my Los Angeles visitor’s location.

Startlingly, it was right in the middle of a cemetery that seemed to be one-tenth of Central Park. Creepy? That’s what I felt.

Firstly I thought that there may be a logical explanation for that.

First, the internet server may be located in the middle of the cemetery. I immediately dismissed the thought as it is clearly illogical: why would a rich city like Los Angeles locate their server in amidst tombstones???

Second, there might be a wireless connection inside or around that cemetery. I dismissed this explanation too as it was clearly dumber than the first. If Mr X (whoever that is) wants to open a wireless connection as to give me the honour by visiting my blog (yes, pls do vomit), he/she must have gone out of the cemetery to do that, rite?

The only explanation left is simply one of these two:

Either the Google Earth was inaccurate that it showed an inexact location like that graveyard or, my blog was really visited by a corpse….

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