English Wikipedia has reached 2 million+ articles

A great site, Wikipedia is. I personally believe that it can get bigger than any other websites one day (except Google of course). I just hope that Google will never acquire Wikicity, as we all know how Google’s websites work: they lure their own members (such as Gmail, Blogger) to contaminate their own accounts with advertisements...

Wikipedia is simply too sanctimonious to be filled w/ ads. The current Wikipedia is good enough, no further change is necessary at least for the next 84 years..

No offence for Google here, I’m just being totally honest. Hehe… So I dun wanna find u guys deleting my accounts in Gmail or even this Blogger, OK? Rather than scowling me, I think the above suggestions should firstly be attended to.

Back to the topic…

Seeing Wikipedia w/ more than 2 million articles now, I somehow got the “libido” to become someone significant in Wikipedia one day. Then I opened my account at 48th Ronin only to find out that I only registered it once and abandoned it for good.

I then decided to revive my account and repair my page to its current state now. As I had little knowledge of how-to-edit-Wikipedia-templates, I simply visited some of the good user pages and copy-paste their templates (of course not word-by-word, as I modified them to my own preferences)

I wanted to contribute significant edit/article writing, so I asked Merbabu, an experienced Indonesian Wikipedian user, for suggestion…

Hope I can become an Wikipedia admin one day ^^

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