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If I’m not wrong, my blog rank in Technorati was around 2 million sumthing when I registered in that directory.

As for today, my blog rank is 1,803,855. And that is an increase of more than 200,000 in just two weeks, yeah!!

Another rank system I’ve registered for my blog is in Blog-Indonesia. By today, my blog ranks 2127 out of 4341 Indonesian blogs… That means I’m around the median figure, hehe…

Some ppl may think how narcissistic I am in getting so concerned about my blog rank despite having no Google AdSense in my site… Furthermore, I’m no member of any NGOs that promote cancer awareness, AIDS, or other human rights stuff in my blog. So why am I so interested in my blog rank, then? My blog is totally personal, so it shouldn’t matter very much, right?


I’m actually very much interested to make money by blogging. True stories have been told in the Singapore newspaper Strait Times abt ppl mining their dollar from simply writing rubbish in their blog. And I really wanna follow such exemplars.

Why haven’t I registered for AdSense, then?

I can’t. I mean, I couldn’t………yet.

Do you know the basic requirement to register in AdSense is that they have to be 18 yrs old or older? And for goodness sake, right now I am 17.85 years old which rounds up to 18 years old if I count mathematically!

I can make a thesis out of that, you know… I could title it:

“The Flaw of Age-Counting”

The thesis would consist of one page only, with one case study: ME. Then I’m gonna brag about how flawed the age counting system is, as even if it is just ONE day short of my 18th birthday, I would still be considered as a 17-year-old, and not rounding it up to 18. Ain’t that stupid? Yeah, it is.

The tradition of “A person suddenly becomes a year older after the midnight of his birthday” has probably come from a bakery that promoted birthday cakes to come along w/ such a custom…

Haha… I’m pretty much straying off topic now. Let’s get back to the discussion.

Yeah, as soon as I turn 18, I’ll register for AdSense straightaway. Right now I’m doing all I can to register on the top blog directories, promote my own blog to friends and Kaskus forum, all is done so that my blog can be more widely known.

But as the saying goes, nobody will read your writings if you’re not serious in writing yourself.

Well, I’m trying my best to go by that saying, then.

Let me see… I’m an Indonesian blogger who lives in Indonesia and blogs in an almost-flawless English.

In comparison, the common profile for an Indonesian who blogs in English must fall in either one of these categories:

  1. The blogger has limited English as it is obvious in his/her blog that he/she thinks in Indonesian before typing in English
  2. The blogger is a Caucasian or some other expat who resides in Indonesian…
  3. The blogger is an Indonesian who speaks flawless English as is obvious in his/her blog, yet he/she does NOT reside in Indonesian
  4. The blogger is a filthy-rich Indonesian who has gone to an international school in Indonesia

Well…? I think it’s pretty obvious that I can’t fall under any of the above listings, can I? I almost fall into category no.4, but still, I’ve never been to an international school before! (The school I went to in Singapore was a private school!)

One common flaw I have in this blog is probably that I often stray off topic at times (I realise this occurs in this posting too), and I know I need to practise more in order to brush that up. Now that I think of it, pictures are essential to a blog, right?

I’ll try to make more ameliorations to my blog from now on.

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