Meet The Fockers

I just watched the movie “Meet The Fockers” on HBO last nite and… haha, it was quite a laugh I had. The movie was funnier than the prequel, and Robert De Niro’s playing as the CIA agent spying on his own son-in-law-to-be… The two parts that I found the most amusing were:

1. the one in the opening scene when the Latvian father whom Greg had helped in the birth process asked that the baby should be named after the nurse (meaning: Greg himself), and when he checked Greg’s nametag and found out that his name was Gaylord Focker…. I wonder if that Latvian father would keep his word for his tradition sake… Lols
2. The scene when Greg accidentally uttered the word “asshole” in front of his infant niece, resulting in him repeating that word in front of the whole family… Now THAT was a major laugh! The toddler’s first word was “Asshole!” and not “Mama” like other babies do or even scientific terms like his grandfather Jack had expected… Lols

Too bad the movie ends on that sequel. Good ending though (as expected in almost ALL American movies.. ^^).

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