JLPT Application done!

Yeah!!! I finally applied for the JLPT level 4 just after my Japanese class. I firstly thought what a fuss it’d be for me to apply for the test directly in the local host institution for Jakarta (which is Darma Persada Univ. in East Jakarta). I found UDP on the net a little while ago. Then Mr Deni of the Gakushudo offered us all Japanese students to apply in Gakushudo, nowhere else. ^^

Such a fortunate thing, eh?

I’ve spent the last 5 days reviving my 2-yr-old-Blog and giving it a totally new look by refreshing, reedit, preview, refreshing, reedit, preview, refreshing, reedit, preview, and the cycle simply went on and on as long as I could remember.

I’ve left the blog for many moons before my latest “revival” that I was impressed to find that the Blogger has gotten a totally new look now… It’s now like, a hell lot different than it was last October 2006. The new feature that I find highly helpful is the Page Element section, which enables me to edit any of the additional sidebars and other elements in my Blog without any need to tamper with the HTML section.

Previously, organising the Blog was such a hassle for me, as I needed to copy-paste codes here n’ there in the middle of the designed Blog template. Now, the trouble’s all gone…

It’s such a pity that in order to use the Page Element, one needs to use an internal website template (meaning: the template choices offered by Blogger). Thus, when I tried to use templates from elsewhere like Blog Skin or blogger-template, I no longer have the luxury to add n remove the page elements as I like… It’s kinda discriminating exclusivity only given to those who utilise Blogger’s template, right? Hopefully Google will attend to this matter someday.

Today’s Japanese lesson … as usual, did not give me the usual chance to display my brilliance. Things have been going on like that recently. During my Basic 2 grade, I used to display to the whole class how I topped in both Japanese speaking and Kanji-writing. But things simply swerved now during my Basic 3, which was due to my “temporary loss of interest in Japanese” syndrome. I dunno why, but this so-called “syndrome” usually comes in a yearly basis, and for years I still haven’t found the reason behind this.

Thank God, my so-called “syndrome” is slowly healing now. I healed myself by watching Anime routinely, listen to Japanese songs, and watch J-Doramas… I personally consider it a “blaspheme” to turn away from an interest that has been held for so long.

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