Pride and Prejudice

I watched the movie on HBO just now. Umm nope, it wasn’t bcoz Keira Knightley is the main star, but simply bcoz I like to read Jane Austen’s works and would like to see how they’re visualised.

Keira as Lizzy? Not a bad choice, indeed.

Despite having read the book, throughout the movie I could not compare any single details fom the book w/ the movie, ain’t that stupid? I realised how vaguely I remember the story plot: I read the book – the shortened version though – during my bridging course around Dec 2004 when my English proficiency was still much lower than even a 5-year-old Londoner. Now that I’ve watched it, I think I can more or less recall what the story was like.

However, there is this one thing that still nags me: Why did Lizzy agree to marry Mr Darcy albeit knowing that he was involved in joining the knot between Lydia and Mr Wickham? I thought Lizzy was gonna be upset and loathe Mr Darcy more than she ever did, yet in the end she still agree to accept his hand on marriage notwithstanding!

Kinda odd in my opinion, or do I miss a point here? If I do, will anyone point out to me?

I think I just have to reread the book, eh? Now I’m gonna read the original version, and reading Jane Austen’s original novels is sth I’ve never done before. Doesn’t mean the pirated one, though! As I have mentioned above, I’ve read only the shortened version! That means that I could finish one in a mere three hours!


How can you find an original novel that you can finish in three hours nowadays, eh?

Now apart from reading Eragon, I’ll indulge myself with rereading Pride & Prejudice along with some of Enid Blyton’s novels. It’s been a long time since I last read the Famous Five which was my most fave book during my childhood…

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