In Memoriam of ACS (Independent)

(The title actually implies how much I missed my life in ACS; although under other circumstances, it would’ve been normally used in an obituary, such as used in the Chapter 2 title of the 7th Harry Potter book)

Ugh… For goodness sake!

Does anybody know how annoying it is for me to read blogs of those in Singapore?!! Huuhhh…..

Let me be openly honest here.

These days I’ve been looking around to have a look at what my friends are doing. Instead of getting lightened up, I felt this heavy weight inside my heart when I read their blogs.

I dunno why, nor am I wishing to continue my scholarship in Singapore (even if I could), but there is always this heavy weight inside me that slumps deeper and deeper as I read their blog along.

One former ACS teacher of mine (I ain’t gonna name anyone here, so let’s just call him by his initial KSK. If u hav a keen eye and a witty brain, u’ll be able to recognise instantly who he is) even posted pictures! The pictures were not that dismaying, really, anyone who has no connection to ACS whatsoever would’ve dismissed it as a totally innocuous school journal.

But for me, the pictures were downright “appalling”, as I choose to describe it. One picture shows four or five students in their respective House shirts in a Hawkers’ Fare. A Hawkers’ Fare!!! Didn’t he even care how he would hurt any of his former students out here in Indonesia (as if Toshi’s that important!)??? And the other pics showed sumkind of a multinational ACS where ACSians of different nationalities were shown with their respective traditional clothes. I saw some ppl of my batch who are in IB now: VA, SA, and my former classmate the Indian-Malaysian DR, as well as my Indon juniors. Huh….

Nope, I ain’t gonna ponder over my loss of not going into IB here. From various recounts and stories told by those in JC abt how agonising life in IB really is, I’m glad that I didn’t qualify for IB. I’m glad I didn’t go there.

With my L1R5 of 18, I qualified for JC actually, and I could’ve gone to Innova JC had I not (deliberately) been late for the scholarship application thingy. God knows where I am heading now...

I miss ACS, I miss the boarding school, I miss Monday chapels, and I miss all those caustic remarks by DK in Sec 4… If only I could go thru it all once again (no matter how bittersweet it was). Or, maybe I could pour in my memories to a Pensieve (like Dumbledore usually did) so that I can have a look into ACS every now n then. Fancy, eh? Unfortunately, those ain’t gonna happen now…

It’s just all those semisweet yearnings bubbling inside me that wish to go back to ACS once more…

Not JC, not IB, but ACS (I), a school I’ll always remember, a school I’ll always love, my favourite school ever...

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