Japanese PM and Russian PM resign on the same day?!!

Earthquake in Sumatra???

Are u ppl sure there’s an earthquake last nite? I live in Pamulang which is 3 km southwest of Jakarta, yet my neighbours and my whole family have felt nothing since last nite. The news mentioned that “ppl were panicking out of the buildings in Jakarta and “the tremors are even felt as far away as Bangkok and Singapore….”

All these reports make me wonder: “Is it true that u guys in Singapore felt any seisms going on?”

Anyway, a better news report caught my eye last nite: Japanese PM and Russian PM resign on the same day.

Wow. That’s a very rare coincidence! A stepping down of a country’s leader must have sth very scandalous going on for it to happen and two neighbouring countries with two scandalous prime ministers on the same day? It’s simply a wow.

Despite my dislike towards (former-PM-to-be) Shinzo Abe, I kinda pity that guy when I heard on the news that he got hospitalised this morning… Poor chap. He must have got sumkind of the “nervous breakdown” that Bree van de Kamp (now Bree Orson) had had during the most turbulent time in her family, huh…

Hope Mr Abe won’t do anything stupid related to Bushido ethic whatsoever (meaning: suicide)!! It would send the country down with its reputation, I can’t imagine how could Japan cope w/ such an incident should it happen. The corrupt minister who commited suicide a couple of mths back was appalling enough for the Japanese Politics to stand with.

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