A Quick Wealth

By Toshihiko Atsuyama

To be a rich man in Jakarta is hard and tough...
Yet there is an easy way to be one.

When you’re 11, your Mother asks you for good grades at primary school. You do well in the final exams as not to disappoint her, yet you still have to struggle to get to a good secondary school

When you’re 18, you’ve had your own conscience to study hard for the final exams
You succeed, yet you still have to struggle to get to a reputable university

When you’re 22, you graduated with a Bachelor degree from that reputable university
Trying to find a job, yet you end up with one that offers monthly salary of Rp 4 million
(which is hardly enough for you to get married)

When you’re 24, you get promoted and have an increase of salary to Rp 10 million
Then you start to think you would like to save money for your marriage

When you’re 27, you’re married and you realize that Rp 10 million monthly is not enough. You only own a (rented) house, a motorbike for your daily commuting, and a saving which you know wouldn’t be enough for your child’s education in the next 5 years. Then you start to think how to earn quick money.

When you’re 29, you earn Rp 400 million monthly; own private villas in Bali & Sydney, and you already insured your child for a seat in an Ivy League university. You know there will be nothing, absolutely nothing, in this world that will make your life miserable. Even if a tsunami strikes Jakarta, you can still flee to your condominium in Singapore.

Feel familiar with this life story?
If not, ask your local politicians how they did it.

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