Persons of the Book in Harry Potter series

Here is a complete list of those whom I think deserve to be called “The Persons of the Book” in the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. It is worth noted that this list is based mainly and solely upon my own opinions and subjectivities, and not from any copy-paste or survey/poll whatsoever… Anyway, please have a look… ^^

Book 1 = HAGRID

*reason = Hmm… He’s the one who introduced the first chunk of Wizarding World to Harry and eventually, us Muggle readers, right? Having brought baby Harry to Dursleys’ house, the unintentional blurting of “Nicolas Flamel” thingy… I think he deserves the top spot better than Prof. Quirell, who served merely as Voldemort’s dummy.


*reason = I firstly doubt whom should I choose as the Top Spot. Moaning Myrtle? Possibly, due to the fact that she was the one who threw the Diary to Ginny… Anyway, after my deep consideration, I decided that Ginny deserves the position better, since her having kidnapped was the only thing that made Harry strived till his end.


*reason = I believe no one would ever disagree that Sirius deserves this position. His appellation, after all, has been chosen as the book title: “Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban”. The whole book also focussed mainly upon him. His alleged escape, the fear of having him coming to Hogwarts, his discreet friendship with Remus Lupin… Kinda obvious, ain’t it?

Book 4 = BARTY CROUCH JR a.k.a. (fake) Alastor Moody

*reason = Well, who else? He inserted Harry’s name into the cup and “helped” Harry throughout the Triwizard Tournament. Had he not appeared, the 4th book would’ve been quite boring.


*reason = Hmm… Our “favourite” Hogwarts teacher!!! This *itch (replace the apostrophe with the letter “W” or letter “B” as you like) is the one who caused us readers painstaking read as we visualise Harry’s emotions during the Detentions, the agonies of the students and school staff alike as they went thru the agony when she took over the school… She’s simply the greatest villain ever existed.


*reason = Why do I think that Umbridge is the greatest villain? It is because nobody could ever sympathise with her for whatsoever reason. On the contrary, in the 6th book we somehow learned to sympathise with Voldemort (whom we know is 1,000,000 times more evil than Umbridge!) as we went through his unpleasant childhood in Dumbledore’s Pensieve. His malevolent, loveless character was, after all, derived from his bad upbringing.


*reason = It was kinda hard for me to decide whom is better amongst the two, so I decided to choose both. Though Dumbledore’s name having been mentioned from the very beginning to the end of the book, I think Snape deserves the merit better. He is after all, the one who has helped Harry until his very last breath. Having murdered Dumbledore, who would’ve known that his true allegiance is to Dumbledore? Even the Dark Lord himself did not realise this! His bravery, his loyalty, his love, have all turned him into a much better hero than even Harry Potter. About Hermione, I don’t think that Harry and Ron would ever survive without her guidance, don’t you think? Her brain was, after all, the main thing that enabled the trio to fulfil their mission…

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