World Class Haven Musical performance!!!


World-class performance.

World-class CPA.

The whole Haven performance was simply splendid, spectacular, and wonderful….. The storyline itself is somehow not very smoothly connected though (esp. between the climax and the ending). The ending was actually both laudable and a bit disappointing. It bears almost no connection to the previous scene, but it's also laudable in the way the decor was staged (w/ the choir behind the leaves veil being unveiled in the end). But I won’t comment very much on the drama plot. It has got enough criticisms already by ppl around..

I bought a booklet of the performance (for the Student’s Welfare thingy) and guess what, now I have a pic of her!!(refer to my previous blog if u dunno wat on earth am i talking abt) Man, how overjoyed I am today!! There are also photographs of the play being sold (specifically showing some of the drama members and also her), but I dun wanna buy any... How cheapskate.......

Hahah, not really. Anyway, ppl may start thinking abt me being a stalker and stuff, so I won't say anything more abt her then.

When the play begins and (almost) each scene is ended with a song sung by one/some of the actors/actresses, that's what really is unique frm tis show. Especially when the choir blends in (if i'm not wrong, they did it thrice). All the actors/actresses are talented in singing as well, especially the distinctively-beautiful voice of Felicia Goh (she reaches high notes very well w/o having to lose her voice). I had expected a good musical-based drama from the beginning (duh, of course la, that’s the main theme!), but I dun really expect it to resemble The Sound of Music very much. Man, the show really worth the money!

The anti-Japanese theme of the play, (the background is based on a Japanese Occupation in a Peranakan community) somehow, oddly, did not repulse a J-freak (or Japan aficionado) like me. It's enjoyable frm the very beginning, and that's why I dun really bother abt the main theme.

I actually noticed how there is actually a major glitch in the show which goes unnoticed for those who dunno of Japanese history. The decor used a lot of the current Japanese flag, which is actually not used yet in the setting of the story (it's based on year 1945). The flag of Japan w/ only red disc dot in the middle (Hinomaru) actually became commonplace and widely used only in the 1950s, as the original flag is the one w/ red disc dot and 16 rays extending from it. That original flag was used from the 1880s until the end of WWII (which means the usage ends at September 1945) and afterwards, it is turned into a naval ensign (i.e. u will only see the old flags nowadays hanging around only in Japanese military ships). Hopefully the ppl behind the Haven production notice this.

By the way, let me comment on the venue where it is held. Firstly I thought the venue refers to the old CPA, but as me and my friends proceed there and found nothing, I realised that it must be in a new CPA somewhere in the new building. The new CPA... World-class, Man! Cypress-like wall, theatre-like arrangement of seatings... Julian commented that if only a school in Indon can have this kind of CPA.. I agreed. I'll (literally) eat your shoes if any school in Indo can have such a similar CPA..

By now, the Sat nite performance (the last one) must have finished. 9 o'clock already. I also gtg now, Buana's gonna be back and use the laptop....

BooN  – (9 August 2006 at 00:40)  

Trus skarang sama IB girl-nya gmana?

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