Haven performance is coming in 2 hrs time...

Been through quite a lot of complications arising in my young and still short-lived life, I felt the obligation (i.e. compulsion is a more practically correct term) to blog. Having nothing to do, just burned one MP3 CD, and dun feel like studying, and God says to me, “Why don’t you blog? You have long neglected it”

I answered, “OK, God”

Hahah.. No blaspheme intended, ok.. God has been my best pal since 2 mths ago. Ppl may say I’m a born-again Catholic then, as I’ve got three spiritual experience since early this year. Not gonna elaborate on it now though, I have no intention on writing a testimony or such theological-based-blog yet.

Anyway, the Haven Musical which is held as a part of Festival of Arts is coming in 2 hrs time…….. Can’t wait to watch the performance, Man!! All those singing and the Japanese occupation drama stuff… Ppl say it’s a spectacular performance. But I care less abt how cool the show is. What really arouses my curiosity is to see one of the Yr 5 girls who’s going to take part in the drama itself. Been infatuated for weeks to her, I felt very delighted to find out that she takes part in the drama (not as the main character though). Prob that’s the main reason I’m willing to spend $15 to buy the Haven ticket (again, I feel obliged to such waste. Should I call I a waste of money? Not unless I’m satisfied overall…). Lolz..

That IB yr 5 gal to whom I’m infatuated w/ rite now… This case really seems very hopeless. I like her so much, but it seems that she doesn’t know me, neither do I know her (personally). But I’ve got some important infos abt her though, such as her name, class, CCA, car, the time she comes to school, the time she usually go home, and some other trivial stuff. Anyone reading my blog may think that I’m such a stalker. But for God’s sake, no, I’m not! I got most of the infos not deliberately, as most of them came from unexpected sources. Not Friendster too… I looked for her FS account to no avail. Either she doesn’t have one, or she uses username w/ no connection to her real name. Anyway, I’m not gonna mention what I’ve found out abt her here, as tis blog may be read by anyone in my school… As I Dun wanna get any problems, let her remain anonymous. Waaaaa…. I really can’t wait till I see her on the Haven performance!!!

I’ll give a full report of the afternoon Haven performance as soon as the show is finished (around 4 PM)

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