An Inspirational Walk

Wooo…. What a fully-wasted week I’ve gone thru. I’ve been terribly depressed since the Monday incident, and though I dun get insomniac problems like usually, but still, my heart is deeply troubled inside. But oh whatever. Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be… Quoted from one of my fave Spanish songs (izzit?), I think I hav to apply this phrase to all the burdens I’m having rite now.

Wait a minute… All the burdens? Oh, I mean the only burden. Nah, I’m not that pressured bcoz of prelim.. I dun even really give a damn to it. If you read my previous blogs, you’ll know wat on earth is the burden I’m having now. It’s been lifted up actually, and now I see that there are strings attached to that particular burden still not untied of my fingers. Ugh… I juz need to get rid of any memories of it.

Ah, enough. I won’t talk abt her again frm now on..

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