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Waaaa….. Been unable to blog for days has made a nutz out of me… Got quite a lot I wanna write since last weekend.

Last Saturday, having the burning desire to have a change in atmosphere and mood, esp. due to the scar remaining from the Monday incident (refer to my previous 2 blogs), I came out w/ a plan to attend other churches in Sgp, esp. bcoz the only 3 churches I’ve attended are only Holy Cross, the cathedral in Orchard, and the old City Harvest in Boon Lay (the latter is Charismatic). Wanna try the new City Harvest Ch in Expo though, but haven’t been able to do so bcos of various circumstances. Later I try ask Daniel or Timothy abt goin there together la..

Anyway, the new church I attended last weekend was the St Mary of The Angels in Bukit Batok, and it was damn cooll!! I was struck w/ awe at the first sight of the building itself: the contemporary and futuristic style.. Wooo, I used to think that only Protestant churches can build such a church, but Catholic the fact is that Catholic could also prove me wrong. Guyz, if you’re used to think of the Catholic church in the usual old-fashioned orthodox-styled and Synagogue-like appearance, you’ll be proven wrong when you see St Mary’s Church. Juz hav a look on the hyperlink I’ve given you..

If there is one thing that makes me wonder though, is that there is sth wrong w/ the arrangement of the church’s altar. The allocation of the altar has made the priest and the altar table to be separated by a distance. Then there is also (I think) sth wrong w/ the way the seat for the priest is arranged. Usually in ordinary Catholic churches, we are used to have 3 or 4 seats on the altar. But what I noticed is that there was only one seat in that church’s altar. Maybe that’s the minus point of this church’s design.

But anyway apart from that, the entire building is laudable. I dun wanna criticize the church, thus I dun wanna comment much on it. There was also a chapel and piazza, and other stuff that you ppl better check out when you get there!

Wahh… Only 15 weeks left of my stay in Singapore. I’ll be leaving Singapore and gonna be back to Jkt soon... From now on I must visit all the 6 famous catholic churches (incl. Cathedral of Good Shepherd, St Francis, and Lady of Perpetual Succour) in Sgp to get different impression from each of them.. And also the new City Harvest in Expo… The much-talked-about titanium-walled exterior design arouses my curiosity, I reali wanna try attending that church too.. Doesn’t mean that I wanna “betray” Holy Cross though.. I’ll still come to that church occasionally when I’m not in the mood to go to those further churches.

Anyway, w/ me talking abt visiting churches more abt the architecture ppl must be thinking of me losing the meaning of going to church.. No, I tell you, that’s not true, guys! Of course I still remember that the true meaning of going to church is to attend the mass, have the eucharist, be constantly reminded of God and all those stuff, and I’ve never forgotten that. There’s simply nothing wrong in visiting various churches rite… I still read my NLT bible everyday. I’m simply not in the mood to write abt those theological-related stuff rite now.

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