Freaked out

It’s 1 AM now, and here I am in my room doing nothing useful.. Simply bored of studying. Haven’t got enough preparation for the A-maths and Geog tests later though. Dammit, I’m really not ready for both tests! Ugh, I’ll reali get freaked out for the entire of this month and next month (due to the upcoming prelims). The prelims are near, and I’m not prepared at all for any subjects yet… Waaaa….. Gonna get mad soon..

I firstly took the i-don’t-give-a-damn approach, but as the prelims got nearer and nearer, and there are those ultimatums by Dr Ong to unregister those who dun do well for prelims, I do think that I may have to buck up to improve my grades in this prelim. My aggregate of 20+ last mid-year was simply abominable.. As I want to have 7 subjects on my prelim instead of 6 only, I need to reali work hard on my lowest-scored A-maths… Otherwise I’ll be forced to drop that subject..… Btw, wanna see how bad (or good) I’ve been last mid-year exams? Just highlight the text below (They are in white for confidentiality, again).

Comb Humanities: 66 (B3)

English: 62 (B4)

Higher Malay: 62 (B4)

E-Maths: secret!

Physics: still pass, lar…..

Literature: You shouldn’t know this one!

A-Maths: I dun think you should know this one either!

By now you must’ve noticed how I only have 1 science subject, which is Physics. Right, I do suck in Science, and I abhor this particular branch of knowledge. Firstly bcoz my flair isn’t there and secondly bcoz I put no interest at all in studying.

I don’t think you have interest at all in studying anything, Toshi..

You think so? Hmmm…. Think again. My flair is in language, and various ppl across the continent (Duuhh…) have told me how linguistic I am (attention: w/o any intention of being proud like the self-proclaiming-proud Mr Andrianto, OK!!).

OK, but you…


I’m tired now. Gotta sleep now...

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