Nyepi tomorrow

Not a very good day... Although no test today, but i think I'm not in a very good health now... A bit headache, probably because i was "shocked" with a lot of homework... And then for tomorrow i have Geography test for the first time, which format i have no idea about. Ugh, that English Language homework of Composition and that 2-pages essay of English for English Literature is for due tomorrow... I think I'll get mad for them.

These distresses really sapped a lot of my strength, and Happily, tomorrow is the start of Term 1 HOLIDAY!!! Hahaha.... I'm very happy. I guess I'll just stay until 2 a.m this night, and tomorrow afternoon after i'm back from school I'll juz fall sick anyway(Hehex.. Juz kidding!)

Anyway, tomorrow is Nyepi Day, a New Year for Balinese Hindus, and i have 2 friends here who are Balinese Hindu scholars... One is in Hall 2, whose name is Aji, and the other is my roommate, whose name is Buana. Aji is planning to go home straight after school to Bali (pulang kampung). He assumed that Nyepi is very important for him to stay with their family. But, Buana didn't go the same way. Buana has planned to be here during the Term 1 Holiday, and he even wanna go to school!! You know, what Nyepi is?? For me, who have lived in Bali for 2 years, of course i know.

Yeah, Nyepi is a day when the whole Bali island is "closed" for 24 hours, and due to this, even the non-Hindus must respect it. No lights, no going out(of home), no noises, all are silent as if Bali turned into a non-populated island. And this tradition are for those Hindus in Bali only(India don't). The Balinese Hindus are told to bring preserve this anywhere they live.. Like that. So, now you know why it's very strange for my fellow Buana to go to school by tomorrow, rite?

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