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Ahh.... At last!! Holiday!! Pom 4X (Like the song of BoA, "Holiday", hehex...). The school is over now, but mine isn't. Now i am in the library typing this blog, while i'm supposed to stay back after school to finish the drudgery of English Literature assignment. You know, Literature is one of the most difficult subject of all, although it's quite interesting (for me only, bcoz mostly other scholars dun like subjects like English and English Lit.).

Here, I'll explain what do i hav to do for all kinds of Literature works(including tests as well). I'll be given a passage which is a slight easier than English Compre, usually consist of one and a half pages. Then I'll be given 2 to 3 questions, in which i hav to explain and elaborate each quesions detailly. Seems easy, huh?? Yes, if you only hav to write about 3 to 4 sentences to answer each questions. But in Literature, each question needs detail explanation of a page of a foolscap paper!! . Surprised??

Well, i dun hav to elaborate like that for Literature works only.. Social Studies and Geography are also like that. We dun get questions like those in Indon, you know, where you only hav questions that can be answered with only one or two words... We hav to elaborate about half to one page per question. Yeah, they're a bit easier than Literature...

Arghx.... What else, huh? Hey, do you readers realize that i hav succeeded in keeping my English pure?? I dun use Singlish anymore.. Haha... That's such a good thing for me. It doesn't mean that I dislike Singlish now, bcoz I do speak in Singlish. Everybody in Singapore do speak Singlish, except the ang moh(westerner), of course, they still preserve their pure English accent. But Singlish is not a matter of spoiled English, it's juz for fun. It's the bahasa gaul of Singapore, all use Singlish, without differentiating gender, race, or age. So we can conclude that Singlish has united all races of Singapore, right?

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