Get lost, Singlish..!!!

Hm... I juz know from one of the Harry Potter-based websites that the official release of the original(English) version of HP6 is 128 days to go, which means it's on the mid of July.. Wah... I'm really longing for that book... I wonder how thick it will be??

Tell my day?? One of the worst, probably.. I've had Social Studies and A-Math test, and i've done them awfully. Especially A-Math... Ugh... You readers dun expect a scholar to lament like this, do you?? Actually, i'm only weak in Maths, you know. The others... Not really, bcoz frankly i'm good in English (Ehem....)

I... wanna mention something else. Now i'm trying to release myself from SINGLISH, yeah bcoz i'm not really in a mood for that slang these days... Probably next time.. I juz wanna "repair" my English for a little while, and it might be much more enjoyable for you to read a pure English writing, isn't it??

Anyway, i might've been the only Indonesian Scholar in ACS who put Blogs regularly, you know(i'm a bit proud of that). And it's in an Indonesian Blog, using English language(the only reason i'm proud of myself, and i might end up being a famous author like my idol, Rowling or Tolkien, haha...)

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