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Hm... Dear blog... (sorry i'm not addressing you readers tis time, coz i'm not in a mood into it). What a brain-tiring day today has been!! You know, i have an English Compo to be handed in tomorrow. Not only that, i'll also have Social Studies and A-Maths test. So the main concern for me are those three... Ugh, very different from Indonesia, where homeworks are like wind breeze passing by..(or in other term, piece of cake!!). Tomorrow i'll hav 2 tests!! Insane, isn't it?? Yes, indeed. You see, when those ppl in Indon are very used to face tests.. But I'm not(anymore).. Bcoz my life now has changed... And, i'm also not sure whether i'll get good marks for my Chemistry test that i've had tis morning...

Let's talk about some leisure a bit, bcoz dun want only put entry about negative things in my blog.. Last weekend i went to Borders(a bookstore) in Orchard, and i only bought a guidebook for A-Math(which i'm weak in), and Harry Potter 5:OOtP. What? HP5??!!! Yes, Harry Potter 5. I've read the whole HP serials in Indonesian, you know, but not for the English... Right?? So, i bought HP5. Hm.. Do you wonder why i bring up tis topic in my blog?? The only reason is bcoz of the price. It was SG$7.95 (Rp44,000)!!! Startled?? Yes, you(readers) must be. Was it sold in a book sale?? Nope... I didn't mention that, did I? HP5 was the only book that Borders is selling in a very low price, and it's even cheaper than the original price of HP1 here.. HP1 was SG$17.80.

Right now i have Harry Potter... which serials, huh?? Let me see... 2, 3, and 5. Yup, only those three(English version, bcoz i hav the all five in Indonesian). HP5 is the only one i bought, and the others were given by my seniors(They're damn kind, aren't they?? Those books given are in a good condition!!). Well, talking about those HP books, for tis week i'll go to the Popular Bookstore Sale in Singapore Expo, where tere will be 80% discount on most of the books(which is good chance for me to complete my Harry Potters, Buy whole series of The LOTR, and try Eragon or buy whole series of Narnia Chronicles). Consumptive?? No, i'm not. In fact, i'm spendthrift...

Hahaha... Juz kidding actually.. Actually i'm juz crazy over Fantasy Books.(but not the kind of books like Star Wars, Star Trek, etc, bcoz the "alien invasion" theme is very boring to read..)

Btw, i hav a good news for tis week. For me, of course. My Vietnamese roommate, Nguyen Phi Long hav juz bought a desktop for $900, and now it means that i'm free to watch any movies or play computer games!!(bcoz he agreed to lend his roommates his computer anytime he is not using it). Such a benevolent roommate i have!!

With the allowance of having a desktop or even a laptop in a boarding school, you might wonder why we boarders in ACS Boarding School, Singapore are given such independence. Right? If it is, pleaze kindly ask me in the Comment form below, and i'd be glad to answer you...

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