Weekend plans

I haven't done anything today, coz i hav juz awaken when i'm typing this blog... So, we can say that Toshi hav nothing to blog, rite?? WRONG, lah.. I'll tell my plan for walking-walking today...

Tis afternoon after lunch i'm going to go to a bookshop, and which one i wanna visit, i still hesitate... Which one, haa.. MPH in City Hall or Popular and Kinokuniya in Orchard?? Those in Orchard are bigger, but i might hav a chance to meet one of my "enemy" there, yeah... actually tis is secret, so i won't tell you what it's all about, but obviously, he is like an ah beng's head to me... Always kiasu, lor!! That guy is(might be) going to be wandering around Orchard, and i dun like the idea of freeting him when i meet him.

Hm... Another plan?? Sorry, i dun hav. Tonight? Nope... I'm going nowhere tonight. Dun say that i'm having something tat is called malem mingguan in Indonesia... I dun have any ai cing yet... Like that, lor.. Especially during SaturD Nites there are a lot of nice movies to be watched, usually in Ch5...

OK lah, that's all the blog for today. bye..

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